This Place & The People

are magic!

Feel the energy walking along beautiful beaches and a stunishing coastline, 

riding waves for all levels, 
meeting free minded people who love to live simply.

Baleal, Portugal ranks along the best surfing destinations in Europe.


Two good friends.

With a love for sports, a passion for nature and a desire to live a relaxed life.


Is an ocean addicted swiss girl who turned her life upside down to make her passion become her profession. Her love for sports and interest in physical and mental wellbeing led her to start a new career in natural therapies. She moved to Portugal in 2016, started her own massage business and began organising various workshops & retreats. 

Diploma in Change management.
Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher 200h.

Thai Therapy Massage, Classical 

Massage , Reiki & Foot Reflexology.
Co-founder of BeSalty and organiser of this project.


Loves sports and traveling the world. He holds diplomas in sports science and healthcare studies. He’s been coaching employees of large enterprises to increase their work-life balance through exercise, nutrition, and relaxation techniques. Additionaly, he has been organising sports camps for children in Berlin for many years.

The love for surfing made him move to Portugal.

Diploma in Sports Science and Healthcare Studies - ISA Surfcoach.
Co-founder of BeSalty and organiser of this project.


The Dream Team

Audrey Vanwarbeck

Surf Instructor ISA & IPDJ

Originally from Belgium, her passion for surfing made her move to Baleal 15 years ago. Since she has been improving not only her surfing and teaching skills, but her connection to the ocean became an integral part of her life. After 8 years of teaching for different schools, she decided to start her own surf school, together with her boyfriend - Keeping the real surf spirit alive and happy to share their love for surfing with you.

Arianna Malagoli


Foodie addicted and chef for passion, for over 10 years Arianna offers creative cuisine based on the balance between vegetable proteins, gluten-free carbohydrates, and the healthy fats in a vegetarian diet. She also seeks to combine detox herbal infusions with her creations.

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