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Get salty in Nazaré

This wave is just a short drive away from us. Awesome place to see liquid mountains moving towards you. Amazing to see the surfers getting down the line and sometimes even getting barreled. The biggest waves come in winter when swells from the arctis hit Portugal. There is an underwater canyon in front the lighthouse which builds up these walls. This wave is: "too good to be true - cant take my eyes of you". Letz hope that the seasons start a little early - so we can go and see the drama this September 2018 at retreats. (22-28 September 2018)

Get salty - be salty - stay salty. #bigwave #bigsmile #bigretreat #gobigorgohome #biglove #bigsalty #bigfamily #bigyoga #bigsurf #bigfoot #bigorganicfood

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