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What´s salty?


you´ll find surfcamps all over the place.

So, why should you book with us? Because...

We have a lot going on:

HEALTH - eat yummy organic food & have an easygoing nutrition talk

SPORTS - learn to surf, stand up paddle & do outdoor-fitness

YOGA - enjoy a yoga discovery with 5 different styles

PERSONAL GROWTH WORKSHOP - its with Michelle Wharton ( )

MASSAGE - feel at ease with a relaxing gratis massage

CULTURE - enjoy interesting trips to 2 beautiful cities & party at the beach

TEAM - we are fresh, friendly, relaxed, ambitous, professional & love Portugal

VILLA - make yourself a home at our big and beautiful house

We welcome you to the first Be Salty experience.

Come on over and enjoy really awesome holidays with the crew.


Photo credits: #DanielEspirituSanto

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